Beginner Waiting List

Beginner Waiting List

For the purposes of our programmes, you are a good fit for a beginner course if you:

  • have had some experience of spirit connection as a child (but never done anything about it)
  • have a natural connection with the spirit world at home but nowhere else
  • have suffered a bereavement/trauma and have had a few spiritual experiences
  • are naturally intuitive and can pick up information, or have a knowledge of someone or something around them, but don’t know how you receive it
  • sometimes have visions/dreams / get predictions but don’t do anything with them
  • You have (or haven’t) had lots of experience with Reiki, Akashik records reading, communicating with angels, Tarot cards and psychic readings, astral travel,
  • meditation, etc. but have not focused specifically on mediumship communications with your sitter’s loved ones in spirit.

You can also be considered a beginner if you:

  • have some limited experience but want to achieve stronger foundations and understand the how mediumship works in more depth in order to progress properly
  • You’ve taken online workshops or classes in person where you have not had the opportunity for one-on-one assessment time with your teacher.
  • You’ve had past mediumship training but have not actively been utilising your skill for several years.

Not a beginner as described above? Go to our intermediate waiting list or our advanced waiting list.