Mavis Demonstrating

A public demonstration of mediumship is an opportunity for a medium to link people from the spirit world with their loved ones on the earth. The difference between this form of linkage and a private sitting is that the information provided can be heard by other members of the congregation or audience depending upon the venue (Church or Theatre).

Sensitive personal information will never be revealed.

Mavis demonstrated all over the world from the largest theatres to the smallest spiritual centres and churches. She loved this opportunity to be the link between the two worlds and to bring joy for both. Mavis often used the phrase “Let’s have a party” because the upliftment she felt was the energy from both worlds.

In large demonstrations not everyone will receive a message or contact but the majority still go home inspired because they have seen how the people who received the contacts were touched by the re-union.

Mavis never believed she had to prove ‘life after death’ the spirit world do it themselves.