Droplets of God

Droplets of God

The Life and Philosophy of Mavis Pittilla

Droplets of God is far more than the story of one of the most revered mediums of our time. It is a primer of the foundations of mediumship, the key philosophical teachings of Spiritualism, and of the soul’s journey of self-realisation.

“Mavis Pittilla and her mediumship have been a true blessing, teaching us that love, like life, will never die.”

~ James Van Praagh, Spiritual Medium

A Hero's Journey

To write Mavis Pittilla’s biography is an author’s dream. She reached the pinnacle of success in her field and she is still beloved and respected by many. Best of all from a literary standpoint, her little-known back-story reveals a multi-faceted, endearing main character whose life follows the quintessential hero’s journey. Our protagonist faced and ultimately overcame tremendous adversity, much of it caused by her own human frailties, resulting in great personal growth and transformation.

I described Mavis in my book as “The Grande Dame of Mediumship in England,” and it is a highly deserved designation. I quickly understood why so many people continue to think so highly of Mavis. Each time she shared the wisdom gleaned from decades of personal experience as one of the world’s top mediums and teachers, I sat on the edge of my seat, soaking up every captivating word. Her teaching came straight from the heart, delivered always with modesty, and ignitied the souls of all those blessed to learn from her.

Suzanne Giesemann

“I think to myself what a fortunate woman I was to have these droplets of philosophy passed to me. “ Mavis Pittilla