Mavis Teachers

Mavis Pittilla Authorized Teachers

I am delighted to introduce you to our fourteen “Mavis Pittilla Authorized Teachers” who have gone through a rigorous and extensive training in “Mavis’s Ways.” All of them have trained with me, and Mavis for a number of years, some exclusively with us.

The training has included assessment in private sittings, demonstrations, both gallery and Divine services. They have also been evaluated in public speaking, prayer, presentation of Mavis’s work and teaching her theory. They have all achieved a professional level of attainment. They have shown dedication, enthusiasm, and desire to continue with Mavis’s legacy. They have shown a real commitment to life-long learning.

All the teachers work professionally, and many of the American and European teachers have travelled to the UK to work in our churches, raising funds for them, as part of our “Advanced Week” that we run annually.  Alternatively, our UK mediums have travelled to the US to work in venues in various States. There is a real desire to support each other and work collegiately.

This page is designed so that you can directly contact each of them. If you click on their photograph, you will be taken to their web presence and there is a contact form at the bottom of this page for you to message them directly.

We are always keen to receive feedback about any aspect of our work, so should you wish to send any comments, please follow this link to the contact form on this website. All comments will come directly to me, and I am happy to respond.

Best Wishes


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