Mavis and her partner, Jean Else, believe that mentorship programmes are very important in the development of mediumship. Regular classes and continued support of individuals enable them to ensure that they have full knowledge of each student. They realise their needs in a practical sense as well as knowing their educational and theoretical needs. Without this regular contact a teacher can never fully appreciate or fill the gaps. However, even with such contact, they still believe that it takes years of working with people to ensure that their mediums have a good knowledge and ability. Learning never ends.

Mavis says:

“Even after 50 years of working I am continually learning and growing in my understanding.”

Mavis and Jean were the first to introduce mentorships in the UK in 2012 and have now run over 15 programmes including several online programmes and mentorships in Boston and New Jersey. They also have run three Advanced weeks where students from the UK and overseas receive intensive teaching and the opportunity to work in churches in the UK. These have proved to be very popular.


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Beginners Level

For the purposes of our programmes, you are a good fit for a beginner course if you:

  • have had some experience of spirit connection as a child (but never done anything about it)
  • have a natural connection with the spirit world at home but nowhere else
  • have suffered a bereavement/trauma and have had a few spiritual experiences
  • are naturally intuitive and can pick up information, or have a knowledge of someone or something around them, but don’t know how you receive it
  • sometimes have visions/dreams / get predictions but don’t do anything with them
  • You have (or haven’t) had lots of experience with Reiki, Akashik records reading, communicating with angels, Tarot cards and psychic readings, astral travel,
  • meditation, etc. but have not focused specifically on mediumship communications with your sitter’s loved ones in spirit.

You can also be considered a beginner if you:

  • have some limited experience but want to achieve stronger foundations and understand the how mediumship works in more depth in order to progress properly
  • You’ve taken online workshops or classes in person where you have not had the opportunity for one-on-one assessment time with your teacher.
  • You’ve had past mediumship training but have not actively been utilising your skill for several years.

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Intermediate Level

For the purposes of our programmes, you are a good fit for an intermediate programme if you:

  • understand some of the how mediumship works, but need to learn more
  • have been in classes and can make a link but it is limited/generic
  • you’re getting the information, but you don’t know how you’re working
  • rely on one/two clairs, but don’t know how to coordinate them
  • need to get your mind out of the way and not filter or try to work out the information that you are given
  • need to build confidence with mediumship and speaking
  • need to develop the craft and mechanics of mediumship
  • learn more about the Spirit World and how it works
  • deepen a spiritual understanding

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For the purposes of our Advanced programmes, you are only advanced if you:

  • can make a confident flowing link with a person in the Spirit World
  • provide evidence, that goes beyond generic
  • have a solid understanding of the way mediumship works from a spiritual, theoretical and practical perspective

You may be:

  • a part time/ full time working medium doing sittings or demonstrations/galleries


  • are regularly working in circles and classes and can make strong links


  • You may be teaching

You must want to:

  • improve your presentation, knowledge and craft and deepen your understanding and awareness of the Spirit World and Spirituality

You may even be teaching and:

  • want to develop your teaching skills & knowledge and gain a deeper understanding of how to read and guide your students

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