Mavis and her partner, Jean Else, believe that mentorship programmes are very important in the development of mediumship. Regular classes and continued support of individuals enable them to ensure that they have full knowledge of each student. They realise their needs in a practical sense as well as knowing their educational and theoretical needs. Without this regular contact a teacher can never fully appreciate or fill the gaps. However, even with such contact, they still believe that it takes years of working with people to ensure that their mediums have a good knowledge and ability. Learning never ends.

Mavis says:

“Even after 50 years of working I am continually learning and growing in my understanding.”

Mavis and Jean were the first to introduce mentorships in the UK in 2012 and have now run over 15 programmes including several online programmes and mentorships in Boston and New Jersey. They also have run three Advanced weeks where students from the UK and overseas receive intensive teaching and the opportunity to work in churches in the UK. These have proved to be very popular.

There are several programmes running during 2020 please look at the individual details. Please see our events page for in-person mentorship programs in New Jersey and Advanced Workshops in the UK.

Mentorship Programme 2020 Now Full