Advanced Waiting List

Advanced Waiting List

For the purposes of our Advanced programmes, you are only advanced if you:

  • can make a confident flowing link with a person in the Spirit World
  • provide evidence, that goes beyond generic
  • have a solid understanding of the way mediumship works from a spiritual, theoretical and practical perspective

You may be:

  • a part time/ full time working medium doing sittings or demonstrations/galleries


  • are regularly working in circles and classes and can make strong links


  • You may be teaching

You must want to:

  • improve your presentation, knowledge and craft and deepen your understanding and awareness of the Spirit World and Spirituality

You may even be teaching and:

  • want to develop your teaching skills & knowledge and gain a deeper understanding of how to read and guide your students

Not advanced? Go to our Beginner waiting list or our Intermediate waiting list.