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Mavis’s first book.

Mavis Pittilla was born in the busy industrial town of Middleton in the early years of the Second World War. The family had historic links with the cotton mills, so it was no surprise to find her working there following her very ordinary childhood. However, the relative peace of her teenage years turned to traumatic illness which led to the development of mediumship. To quote Mavis “Its unfoldment came as a bit of a shock.”
Today Mavis can be seen regularly at the Arthur Findlay College at Stansted which is her great love. Appearances on television and radio are a regular occurrence and she is no stranger to the international platform, visiting such places as New Zealand, Canada, Iceland, Finland, Holland, Israel, USA and Ireland.
Mavis refuses to let go of her roots and spends many an evening on the platforms of Spiritualist churches throughout the country.
Mavis also turns her hand to administration and gives a lot of her time as a member of the committees of both Spirit of Youth and Spiritualist Aid.