Coupon for registrants of May Open House 5

Replacement videos for Mavis's May Open House

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We’ve set this up to allow you to register for 4 talks by Mavis on the subject of

The Soul, Spirit, and the Spirit World”

This is Volume 2 of Mavis’s Pearls of Great Price. Included are Mavis’s talks on:

  • Worlds within Worlds – 2021 – 1:03:02 hours
  • Death Dying and Going to the Spirit World – lecture at Arthur Findlay College -27:50 minutes
  • The Sacred Path – lecture at Arthur Findlay College – 43:56 minutes
  • Soul Strength in Fearful Times – 2020 – 54:53 minutes

Mavis also would like to give you a copy of her popular and useful guided audio contemplation

  • Room with a View – playable and downloadable audio

Room with a View takes you through a process of communicating with your Guides.

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