Awareness DVD

Awareness DVD
Awareness DVD
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Awareness and a tribute to Gordon Higginson

Join Mavis at the Arthur Findlay College as she shares her thoughts on “Awareness” and her memories of her time with Gordon Higginson her friend and mentor. She uses the Hymns from the Spiritualist National Union to exemplify the importance of understanding the full nature of awareness  and spirituality on your journey. Both Gordon and Mavis shared a love of the hymns that are not used as much as they were which saddens Mavis. You will also learn of her experience of Gordon’s teaching and the impact that he had on her and her understanding of spirituality and mediumship. This film was recorded for a personal record but these wonderful memories are now shared with you.

reverence and understanding. This was filmed in a live classroom situation and is now shared with you. Mavis believes it is crucial that people involved in mediumship should understand prayer.

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